The weekend rain brought much relief to a state coming out of one of the driest years on record.

And while the rain was much welcomed, it did creating flooding throughout the Valley.

SACRAMENTO - The weekend downpour made Lake Crest Village shopping center in Southwest Sacramento look somewhat like a lake.

High waters flooded part of the parking lot, keeping cars at bay.

"I thought I was going to be able to put groceries in my trunk but I was up to my ankles in water," said Deborah Waltz, who had a grocery checker help load shopping bags into her car.

But the water overflow caused by a clogged drain didn't keep everyone away. "This is crazy. I grew up here and never seen this flood here before," said Jamie Collard. Thanks to her rain boots, the brave mom took out her son for a walk 'in the lake.' "I have this little guy back here. He thought it was fun," said Collard.

Despite some fun in the rain, the wet weather did pose serious problems for drivers.

Potholes on I-80 formed as a result of excessive rain hitting the surface. Crews with Cal Trans spent the day covering deep holes along the highway.

But it was those flooding concerns that forced several roads to close.

Deer Creek near Rancho Murieta was overflowing with water that flooded a section of Scott Road. "Looking at the amount of water that's coming down stream of it, you can see some turbulence," said Battalion Chief Charles Jenkins with Sacramento Metro Fire.

Even several vehicles that tried to drive through the water backed out.

"This is one that I won't cross in on an SUV. I wouldn't send a fire engine to cross it unless we had a life-safety issue," cautioned Jenkins.

Officials say when in doubt, it's best not to take a chance with mother nature.

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