The city of Sacramento has received hundreds of water waste complaints since it passed a mandatory 20 percent reduction in water use this month.

Residents are being asked to cut back on their water intake by only watering outdoors once a week either on Saturday or Sunday. But on Thursday, the signs of wasted water were everywhere with wet lawns and fresh standing water on sidewalks.

Since the start of the water cutbacks, the city has received close to 500 complaints of water waste and has issued about 58 citations.

Along Land Park Drive, large puddles of water were coming from several fire hydrants. City workers said they were checking the water pressure and flow for fire protection

"Theyhave to do these water supply tests in order to determine whether or not there's adequate fire flow for their project," Sacramento's Department of Utilities Tony Bertrand said.

The gallons of wasted water were in the thousands.

"Typically, the actual water that's flowing might flow a minute and our calculations are that might be as much as 1,000 gallons over that period of time," Bertrand explained.

Around a half dozen of the hydrants were checked Thursday.

The city said they've done five of these required tests in the last month. Given the drought conditions, the city acknowledges the water can and should be saved. They are currently looking at ways to capture and reuse the water instead of letting it go down the street gutter.

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