The woman who picked the winning numbers in the $8 million SuperLotto Christmas Day jackpot says she is going to use the money for her retirement.

Judith Vermason bought the ticket at Treats General Store in San Andreas onDec. 24. It matched the winning numbers - 26, 33, 40, 8, 23 and the Mega number 14 -of the next day's draw, according to California Lotteryofficials.

The ticket was not a Quick Pick where the ticket-dispenser issues five randomly-chosen numbers from 1 to 47 and a Mega number from 1 to 27.

Vermason chose to take the cash value - $4.4 million - for the win, according to the Lottery.

Treats General Store receives $40,000 for selling the winning ticket. The store's proprietor says he will split $20,000 of the bonus among his 23 employees.

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