STOCKTON - Another studentwas sexaully assaultedat Delta College in Stockton - that makes two incidents on campus in two months, after a handful of other attempted sexual assaults last year.

It happened on the west side of campus on a remote pathway around 1:30 p.m. Wednesday.

Delta College Campus police said the woman left the Goleman Library and walked toward Pershing Avenue. Outside of the library, she encountered an unknown man, who happened to be walking in the same direction, as seen on surveillance cameras. Police said when they got to the intersection, the woman headed back toward campus and the man headed in the opposite direction.

Police said that's when the woman was assaulted.

"He came up from behind the victim and grabbed her," Sgt. Robert Dipiero said. "He attempted to unbuckle her belt while kissing her on her neck."

Police said the man suddenly let the victim go and she walked away from the scene. The suspect left the scene in an unknown direction.

Nearly one in five women -- up to 22 million people -- have been raped in their lifetime, according to a report issued Wednesday by the White House Council on Women and Girls.

In response to the report, President Obama signed a presidential memorandum creating a task force to address especially serious problem of sexual assault on college campuses. This epidemic of sexual assaults hurts all Americans, Obama said as he pushed new efforts to combat these crimes he called an affront to "basic decency and humanity."

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The commission also recommended improved law enforcement -- including higher arrest, prosecution, and conviction rates -- as well as changes in a culture that too often turns away from the problem.

Delta College police said 20 minutes elapsed between the assault and it being reported to police. Currently, police are hoping to identify the unknown man seen on surveillance cameras. Investigators said he is a person on interest in the case because he may have witnessed the crime.

The person of interest is described as a black man with darker skin and no facial hair. He was wearing a black jacket, black pants and white tennis shoes. Police said the surveillance photo doesn't clearly identify the man, but they believe his clothing was unique enough for someone to be able to identify him.

Anyone with information about the person of interest and/or the sexual assault is urged to call campus police at (209)954-5000and refer toCase Number 14-0018.

Contributing: David Jackson, USA TODAY

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