SACRAMENTO, Calif. - Sources confirm that soon-to-be NBA Commissioner Adam Silver will be visiting Sacramento on Feb. 5, when the Kings host the Toronto Raptors.

The sources spoke to News10 on condition of anonymity because they were not allowed to speak publicly on the matter.

The purpose of the visit is likely to be a progress report on the status of Sacramento's efforts to build a new arena replacing the Downtown Plaza Mall.Silver is also likely to give guidance on the pending petition challenges and other various obstacles in the Kings' and Sacramento's way.

Silver will replace David Stern, who steps down after 30 years as the NBA's Commissioner on Feb. 1. He has worked alongside Stern for 22 years and was selected by Stern to be his successor.

Silver has served as the league's Deputy Commissioner since July 2006 and his visit to Sacramento will come on his fifth day on the job.

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