SACRAMENTO - A Ceres police K9 injured on duty has come out of surgery and is expected to fully recover.

Ceres Police Department spokesperson Carissa Higginbotham said Zeus' hind leg was caught in a 5-foot-tall cinderblock wall he jumped while on assignment with his human partner and other officers during an alarm call Dec. 22. Zeus was chasingafter the driver of a truck pulling an ATMthrough aCVS drugstore on Hatch Road.

Higginbotham said 50-gallon drums of gasoline, hand trucks and trash were thrown from the back of the moving van at the police vehicles. Zeus cleared those, but not the wall, a jump he's made numerous times before.

Zeus' partner freed him and he was taken to a veterinarian for emergency care.

Higginbotham said Zeus did not improve forabout two weeks so a veterinarian specialist in Stockton operated on him to partially fuse his ankle.

Zeus received a 2013 American Redo Cross Award for heroism and has helped capture more than 100 suspects, Higginbotham said. He's also been invited to many schools to demonstrate his training and skills.