News10's Walt Gray attended a noteworthy celebration for a Sacramento resident Wednesday. He had this to say about the event:

"Geraldine Bailey joined her daughter Ann and the residents of the Pioneer Towers retirement facility today at 515 P Street in Sacramento to celebrate her 107th birthday.

"Geraldine is an amazing woman of sharp mind and wit. While her eyesight and hearing have declined, she sounds and carries herself like someone 25 years younger.

"Geraldine...or "Billy" as her dad called her... has lived in Sacramento since the 90s after spending her life in the Dallas area.

"At one time, according to daughter Ann, Geraldine was the fastest shorthand writer in the world... and was until recently... a whiz at Pinochle.

"She has great recall of parades after the U.S. won the World War (WW I!).

"Her secret to a long life? 'good genes, fresh vegetables from the family farm, dancing, going to church, aspirin, tums, milk of magnesia and a little Canadian Club now and then.'"

"Happy birthday 107th birthday Geraldine Bailey!!"