SACRAMENTO - The low levels at Folsom Lake are an ominous sight for water managers across the Valley.

Folsom has ordered its residents tocut water usage by 20 percent and Roseville is asking its water customers to cut use by 20 percent as well.

The same could be true in Sacramento, depending on what the city council decides to do Jan. 14.

Sacramento Utilities Departmentspokesperson Jessica Hess saidthe average Sacramento home uses 417 gallons of water per day. That means families would have to cut usage by about 83 gallons, a little more than two full-sized bath tubs.

"Small changes add up to big quantities, so just taking a moment to think about what that might mean could be big," Hess said.

For a family of three, installing aerators on your faucets, washing full loads of laundry, watering during the overnight hours and turning off the sink while brushing your teeth can add up to between 80 to 85 gallons.

Until a significant change in the weather comes to the area, Sacramento residents can expect talk of water restrictions, Hess said.

For more information on ways to save water around the house, you can visit the City of Sacramento's water conservation pageat

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