ORANGEVALE - A discovery by an Orangevale woman may have cracked the case of the mysterious lights over Sacramento on New Year's Eve.

"I actually found it New Year's morning and I didn't know what it was. I have never seen anything like it before," said CathyAdams.

Adams says upon further research, shediscovered the object was asky lantern, the object many people claimed to be mistaken for U.F.O.s on New Year's Eve.

Adams said she reviewed internet and news reports and concluded what people saw all over the state were sky lanterns.

She said she doesn't know who released them, but she believes they could be a fire danger.

The lanterns require flames to produce the energy needed to take off.That can create a huge fire hazard, especially during this dry winter season

"They are always telling us on the news that wildfire can start with a simple spark, then why are we having these things fly around in the sky," said Adams.

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