An estimated 35,000 peopletook part in the Old SacramentoSky Spectacular on New Year's Eve. The event showcased musicalgroups and two fireworks shows.

"I thought it was the best show I've seen, it beat Disneyland,"Old Sacramentoparty goerCindy Miller said.

According the Sacramento Convention and Visitors Bureau thisyear'sfirstfireworks show was longer than the midnight display.

Sacramento policewereoutin large numbers making sure everyone washaving afun but safe night. Officers were patrolling on foot, bicycle and horseback. As of 11:30 p.m., police saidthree people were arrested for disorderly conduct anda fourth persononan outstanding warrant.

Last year, two people were shot and killed at the Sports Corner Café in Old Sacramento. Investigators called that shooting an isolated incident.

For those celebrating, they said the extra police presence did not take away from thememorableevening.

"It didn't really spoil the atmosphere," Old Sacramento party goer Joseph Gates said.