It was one simple step that 25-year-old Xavier Robinson took that he believes saved his 4-year-oldcousin's life.

"I put her in that car seat," said Robinson.

Robinson said he and Vallillian Burns were traveling on Highway 50, heading eastbound, when someone hit their car from behind, causinghimto lose control and spin and flip into a ditch.

"Iwent straight into the curb and flipped four times," said Robinson.

He said while his car was flipping, his only thoughts were on his cousin.

Once the car stopped rolling, Robinson saidhe crawled out the window and saw his little cousin had been thrown from the car. But she wasstill strapped in her car seat, hanging onto a nearby fence like a backpack.

"I flew out the window, " saidVallillian.

Robinson saidshe was knockedout but alive. She was taken to thehospital as a precaution but the only injury she suffered was a scratch on her face.

Robinson says it's a miracle that she survived. He wants everyone to always buckle their seatbelts and their child's safety seats.

"Car seats saves lives and if you have a kid, strap it up," saidRobinson.

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