STOCKTON - Matt Davies is convinced he had the right to grow and distribute marijuana for medicinal purposes. He said the President gave him that approval.

"Obama said to follow state law and we'll respect state law," said Davies.

Davies and partners fully believed because state law allows medicinal marijuana, he wasn't breaking the rules as he grew and distributed marijuana for about two years.

"We had 15 attorneys who guided us in every aspect of compliance," Davies said. "Over two years, we spent a million dollars on legal fees to insure compliance."

He, and they, were wrong. In March, Davies reports to federal prison for a five year sentence for marijuana production and distribution.

"Looking back they (attorneys) weren't too bright. Looking back I wasn't too bright," Davies said.

Davies had two large grow facilities that provided product to seven dispensaries. But when raids shut down those facilities two years ago, Davies' legal troubles began. He plead guilty to avoid a trial that could have resulted in a 14 year sentence.

He reports to prison in March and sounds ready.

"This has consumed the last two years of my life. I'm thankful it's over and I'm ready to move on, get through it and get back to my life," he said.