STOCKTON, Calif. - A widower got back his stolen car and more importantly his wife's urn that was stolen with it.

Stockton police took two people into custody Friday night in connection with the theft of a car that carried the ashes of 78-year-old Melvin Hayes' wife.

This all began when a carwash attendant handed over Hayes' car keys to a woman pretending to know him. Minutes later Hayes came looking for his car only to discover it and the urn inside were gone.

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Hayes had to break into his own home Thursday after the woman fooled an attendant at Premier Car Wash in Elk Grove into giving her the keys. She picked the worst time to strike. Hayes was on his way to bury his wife's ashes contained in an urn in the backseat.

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"I got the call about two o'clock in the morning. The car had been found. Two people had been arrested," Hayes explained. "There was luggage in the trunk, and nobody knew anything about the urn."

Investigators found the car at the Port of Stockton. They took the driver Danielle Dorsey and her passenger Antwanne Van Batten into custody, but it would take a little longer for Hayes to learn anything about his wife's ashes.

"And about eight o'clock this morning I got a call from CHiPs. They said the urn is there," Hayes said.

Hayes and his son made their way to the Stockton tow yard.

The urn was moved from the backseat to the trunk, buried underneath clothes, shoes and a bunch of other junk put there since the car was stolen.

"I feel great. My heart's at ease. My soul is relieved," Hayes said. "I just feel great. I can look forward to closure now because I can properly bury my wife."