Grass Valley residents hoping for snow Friday night, got their wish when they woke up Saturday.

When 14-year-old Karl Magnuson heard snow in the forecast, he couldn't wait to get his hands on it.

"I was very excited,"Carl said.

The snowfall proved plenty enough for a snowball fight, but not quite right for a snowman.

"The snow's too dry to stick," Magnuson explained.

His dad Don Magnusongot a workout clearing the snow offthe family's1968 Plymouth Valiant.

"If this is just a one time thing, this is kind of cool," Magnuson said."If you got to do this every day, no it gets old real quick."

Across town parking lots required a little more heavy lifting, so Mike Lee brought his snow plow to work.

"I can't get close to the building 'cause I don't want to hit it, so he kinda shovels out and then I can go from there and push it in a pile," Lee said as his co-worker shoveled along the border of the building.

The snow couldn't keep folks from taking a stroll down Main Street, and photographers like Giovanni Paredes got an eyefull.

"I want to be able to capture snow in the trees, snow on the rooftops, snow in the streets, and mainly being able to see the expressions on people's faces," Paredes said in between snapping photos.