STOCKTON - Stockton police offered limited information on the department's use of ShotSpotter,technology that allows sensors to hear and then pinpoint gunfire.

Police won't say where the sensors are located or how many are in use. They'll discuss those issues and funding for the technology at a news conference next Tuesday.

It's been reported in other parts of the country ShotSpotter costs more than $200,000 for a square mile of ShotSpotter coverage.

Dispatcher Phillip Zimmerman was allowed to discuss some aspects of the technology.

"Definitely we've heard some shots. It's technology that's working, and not just in our department. It's definitely beneficial,,"said Zimmerman.

He said the sensors heard one gunshot Wednesday, two on Thursday and one more Friday morning.

ShotSpotter is also being used in San Francisco and Oakland.

by Tim Daly,

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