A Roseville teenager has managed to turn his car hobby into a money-making gig even though he's too young to have a license.

Cameron Burch has been reviewing cars for nearly two years now. His videos are uploaded to his YouTube page called "Camerons Car Reviews."

"I think this helps out the consumers a lot," Cameron said.

The only thing this auto expert can't do is drive the cars, on his own at least. At just 15, Cameron has a learner's permit; so, he can only drive when mom or dad are sitting shotgun. Even though he can't test drive the cars, his reviews get a lot of respect at the Roseville Auto Mall.

"They are absolutely fantastic," Lia Miller-Orozco of Auto Nation Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram said. "He goes over the vehicle just as well as the best seasoned car sales people I have seen. And I've been in the business for 25 years."

Cameron has rolled out 300 reviews.

The Woodcreek High School sophomore spends hours on end at the auto mall.

"Two years later this place is like a second home to me," Cameron said.

Cameron has always loved cars. But he never thought he could make money off of them, yet.

"When I started becoming more and more popular, they (YouTube) put ads on my videos," Cameron explained.

Cameron won't disclose how much money he's made, but, let's just say, he's happy.

"I was like, oh my gosh, this is crazy," Cameron added. "I didn't even know at first you could make this much money off YouTube."

He's now saving his money for college and hopes to be an automotive journalist one day.

"I was thinking about starting 'Cameron's Car Reviews,' being the next Motor Trend or Kelly Blue Book," Cameron said.

But, first things first: Cameron turns 16 in January.

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