ELK GROVE, Calif.- A hard freeze is taking a toll in damaged homes and plants, even as another round of cold arrives.

In Elk Grove, a couple out of town on a business trip learned a pipe in their attic had broken in the 8900 block of Lismore Drive.

"It was about 4 inches of water -bathroom, kitchen, family room, all the bedrooms. The whole house was covered in water," family friend Derique Warren said.

The couple had reportedly turned down the heat in their home. Firefighters said most of the plumbing pipes run through the attic in the home, making it more vulnerable to freezing.

"With this freeze and this cold weather snap it's been a little more prevalent and so we're gearing up, the fire department's changing it's awareness level for these kind of calls and we're gearing up and getting ready to handle them," Cosumnes fire truckCapt. Brett Waddell said.

Friends and neighbors pitched in to remove wet carpet and put it on the front lawn to try to limit water damage.

In the foothills, people prepared for the cold by wrapping plants in sheets and blankets and moving some indoors.

"All we're trying to do is maintain the plants and cover things up. The wife has got gardenias that she's had for years and years,"Meadow Vista residentDavid Mendenhall said.

Neighbor Joanne Elsaas, who is disabled,said she remembers the big snow of 2009 when she got trapped in her home for days.

"What made it worse was the electricity went out. And so I didn't have any heat," Elsaas said.

"My Snuggles and I just went in the bedroom and shut the door. We were in there the better part of a week," Elsaas said, referring to her pet dog who accompanies her everywhere.

This time, worried about cold, snow and a possible power outage, Elsaas said she's going to move down to Roseville for a few days.

"I'm just gonna go tomorrow and check into a hotel and just stay there until my family says I can drive home."