SACRAMENTO - Authorities confirm a small aircraft made an emergency landing at a Fair Oaks park about 2:40 Thursday afternoon.

The small plane landed at 9030 Phoenix Park at 9030 Sunset Boulevard, according to Sacramento Metro Fire District spokesperson Michelle Eidam.

She saidone person, later confirmed to be the pilot and only person onboard,walked away.

The plane is a Piper single-engine PA24.

FAA spokesperson Ian Gregor said the pilot was enroute from Salinas to Auburn when he radioed he was experiencing engine trouble. He tried to divert to Mather Field but landed in the park.

Jim Ashen wrote News10: I heard the motor [clearly] right at the moment the engine "let go". It revved a bit then I heard metal crunching. Horrible sound!

Just before the emergency landing, In Flight Emergency reported a plane incoming to Mather Field lost an engine.