STOCKTON, CA - The owner of a Stockton store wasn't only robbed as he tried to close up shop Wednesday evening, he was pepper-sprayed by the man intent on stealing thecash register.

Moji Mohammadkhan said he could tell the man could be a problem when he approached, asking for directions.

"He was shaky. His hands were in his pocket. I assumed he would rob me at that point," said Mohammadkhan.

The man actually left for about 45 seconds before running through the open front door, grabbing the cash register, and trying to leave.

On store video, Mohammadkhan is seengrabbing a flag pole and trying to jab the man into giving up the cash register. The video also shows the robber grabbing pepper spray from a pocket and spraying the store owner.

The cash register was found about a block away. It had about $250 in it.

Mohammadkhan described the robber as white and in his mid 20s, and probably trying tofeed a drug habit.

"There was no doubt he had to get his drugs. You can tell people in the face, just looking at him. He needed to get fixed," he said.

Mohammadkhan said he doesn't believe in guns, so he doesn't have a firearm in his store. After getting soaked with pepper spray, he said he does believe in that form of self defense and will soon be so-armed.


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