An anonymous online commenter has said he unknowingly caused a bomb scare that led to a lockdown of Del Campo High School in April.

In a comment posted late Tuesday on, a person using the name "accidental_bomber" wrote that, "I accidentally created a bomb threat at Del Campo Highschool in Fair Oaks California (suburb near Sacramento) by way of a Taco Bell 12 buck box wrapped in duct tape."

According to, a package was found on the school's driveway at about 10 a.m. April 30 and deemed suspicious. The Sacramento County Sheriff's Department was called to investigate and students and faculty were advised to shelter in place immediately, San Juan Unified School District spokesman Trent Allen said at the time.

The sheriff's department's bomb squad sprayed water on the package before looking inside and discovering a Taco Bell wrapper covered in duct tape, Allen said at the time.

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"Accidental_bomber" started a comment thread Tuesday on with the title "I accidentally created a large bomb threat at a highschool AMA." AMA is shorthand for Ask Me Anything.

"...I play on a travel baseball team and I was a freshmen at this time but I played for an older team," the commenter wrote. "So a 16 year old kid was driving four of us back from the game (illegal in my state but c'mon) and he has a really old outback and the interior is falling apart so be (sic) duct tapes the seats and sides a lot. So we picked up some Taco Bell on the way back, grabbed a Taco Bell 12 buck box and after it was done I, being the teenager I was, decided that "Lol dude this is gonna be awesome ill duct tape this box up huehuehue" so thats what I did.

"And on the way past the baseball field parking lot I chucked it out of the window - inducing laughter all around. Then during the next day at my school I heard about the bomb scare and at lunch sow one said there was a tweet that said it was just Taco Bell wrappers in duct tape and I was hella scared of getting in trouble so you could imagine how terrified I was. My friend texted me that goes to DC who was on the car and ya I guess he told some people. It became a fun thing to discuss chilling over the summer playing ps3 and stuff.

"Good times, goooood times," the commenter wrote. In a previous comment "accidental_bomber" wrote that, "I don't attend Del Campo but I know a lot of kids that do."

"When you're doing something that's stupid and for giggles, it can have serious consequences," Allen said Wednesday. "Folks need to think about what they're doing."

Allen noted that the lockdown had caused anxiety on the Del Campo campus. He said the outside of the package was covered when it was discovered and there was no indication that it was a fast food container.

School officials "did the right thing" by demonstrating extra caution and calling the sheriff's department, Allen said.

The nature of the package later raised questions.

"One of the questions that day was why would be anyone tape up a Taco Bell box," Allen said. "Now we know."

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