SACRAMENTO- Working the holidays can be tough, but many employees who will be doing it this year have a little more to work for. Retailers are offering incentives to those who have to work instead of spending time with their families.

The incentives vary from store to store. Some employees will be getting a bigger paycheck, while others may see a store discount or a plate of turkey.

Macy's for example, will be open on Thanksgiving Day. Workers there will be paid overtime for their entire shift. And one Macy's executive pointed out that most of the shifts and slots for that day are being filled by volunteers. So in other words, the employees are wanting to work on Thanksgiving for the extra pay.

Wal-Mart will also be open on Thanksgiving Day and its employees will be getting holiday pay and a traditional Thanksgiving dinner during each of the day's three shifts.

Toys R Us employees will be getting holiday pay, food, and they will be allowed to wear jeans and tennis shoes all day.

Target employees will be getting time and a half pay. And those who work certain hours will receive an additional shift's pay.

Best Buy and Sears will also be offering holiday pay to both their regular employees and seasonal workers.

One retail employee quoted in an article oncnbc.comsaid there should be no complaining on behalf of the employees when it comes to working a holiday. She says that just comes with the territory and should be expected when you decide to take the job.

There is a Facebook forum titled 'Boycott Shopping on Thanksgiving Day'. That same employee responded to the forum saying "If someone had petitioned my place of employment to be closed and had taken away my opportunity to work for extra pay I would be mad."

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