SACRAMENTO, CA -- A family and a community arefearing the worst after their loved one has been missing for nine days.

"I believe [my mother] is deceased," said Scottie Setzer, Patricia MacDonald's daughter in a phone interview Tuesday.

"Everybody on this street is really worried. We think we're never going to see her again," said neighbor Melissa Heede.

MacDonald, who is 87, was last seen leaving her home on 10th Avenue in Curtis Park onNov. 3.

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"It's really shaken people up quite a bit," said neighbor Nancy Stefani, who may be the last person to have seen MacDonald that Sunday morning.

"A little after 10:30 I was out in front, and she was pulling out of her driveway. She waved to me as she usually does, and I waved back," explained Stefani.

She said MacDonald drove off toward Franklin Avenue in her 2000 Toyota Camry. No one has reported seeing her or her car since.

"I just don't see her getting in the car and taking off," said Setzer.

Setzer, wholives in San Diego and visits her mom every month, said MacDonald has heart problems and needs her medication, which was left at her home.

Setzer knows her mother's memory was fading, but felt she was doing OK on her own. MacDonald even called her neighbor the morning she disappeared and everything seemed fine.

Sacramento police are investigating but have no leads.

"My mom has no electronic footprint," said Setzer.

With no cellphone, credit cards or social media, MacDonald appears to be completely off the grid without a trace.

"She helped tens of thousands of people in this community. She was involved," said Lloyd Connelly, a Sacramento County judge and former Assemblyman.

Connelly worked alongside MacDonald in the Legislature 20 years ago. Lloyd says she was an instrumental advocate for women'sissues and education.

Presumably someone knows what happened to MacDonald. Fearing the worst, her family desperately wants an answer.

"Something untold happened. I believe it's a mistake," said Setzer. "If somebody knows something, just say something. Just say something to somebody."

Anyone with any information on MacDonald's whereabouts should contact the Sacramento Police Department at (916) 264-5471.

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