SACRAMENTO- You go into a store, take a look at a product you are interested in, try it out, then leave the store to go purchase it at a discounted price online from somebody else. Well, you just committted the growing act of 'showrooming', and it's an ongoing problem retailers are trying to prevent from recurring.

Best Buy is a frequent target of showrooming. For example, customers come in maybe looking for a new HDTV. They'll browse a bit, or maybe sit down in the lounge demo area where they'll decide if they can see that model in their living room. Then they'll just go home, get online, and order that same modelat a cheaper price. But now Best Buy and other stores are finding ways to fight back.

The retail giant now has a new marketing campaign called 'your ultimate holiday showroom', where Best Buy is offering price-matching guarantees and in-store pickup of online orders.
Retail analysts are predicting that based on better marketing campaigns, Best Buy is set to have a better year.

What a lot of retailers are doing is sending location-based promotions to shoppers' mobile devices. That pretty much invites the customer to the store to do some 'showrooming'.

So, preventing it from happening is just not possible, but just like Best Buy, other retailers will likely find their own ways to keep customersfrom purchasing at the competition.

One advantage to shopping at brick-and-mortar locations ishaving a physical person with whom shoppers can ask questionsabout products and services;something online services cannot generally provide.

According to, some retailers are meshing their in-store offerings with their online sales. For example, at Macy's and Nordstrom, customers can buy what they want online and then pick up their items in the store. Or on the flip side, if there's something out of stock in the store, the employee will order it onlineand it will be shipped to a shopper's home.

A recent survey found that 36 percent of shoppers this holiday season will buy items online that will be picked up at the store.

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