STOCKTON, CA - The Hells Angels says they are the victim of trademark infringement.

The organization filed a lawsuit in federal court claiming the apparel company 8732 and retailer Dillards were responsible.

Hells Angels claims their trademark death head patch is being used by 8732 Apparel and sold in Dillards department stores.

Hells Angels attorney Fritz Clapp said by phone he is not a member of the motorcycle club, but for the last 20 years he's represented the group in trademark infringement cases and feels his client has a strong case.

"Guys live and die for that patch. It's not just a piece of clothing," said Clapp.

Dillards in Stockton did not sell the clothing line but shoppers outside the store looked at images of the two symbols. There were mixed opinions on whether the t-shirts, hats and vests being sold with a patch that's similar to the Hells Angels' emblem will hold up in court.

Efforts to reach Dillards and 8732 apparel for comment have not been successful.

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