ROSEVILLE, CA - There are lingering questions about Friday's massive standoff in Roseville and the events that led up to its conclusion.

In the end, suspect Sam Duran was in custody, and five Roseville police officers and one federal agent were wounded.
Sunday, the suspect's family spoke out about their suspicions of the official version of events.

FBI agents and Roseville police spent most of Sunday processing the crime scene at a home on the corner of 6th Street and Hampton Drive where the standoff ended. Friday there were three crime scenes, andDuran's family wants questions answered about what happened before things got to the last one.

As people across the country watched the manhunt unfold Friday, suspect Sam Duran's grandmother, Josepha Duran, the woman who raised him, struggled to follow the standoff.

"She didn't want to go to sleep because she thought that they were going to kill him while she was sleeping," a relative said, translating for Josepha Duran.

Family members say Sam Duran has been good to them, and they don't recognize the validated gang member described by investigators.

"We don't know anything about that. We're his family. Here, we're just family.We don't know anything about gangs, or we're not into gangs or anything like that," said Davina Sanchez,Duran's cousin.

Family members admitted there was a lot of confusion surrounding Duran and Friday's sequence of events, but they question police accounts that the suspect fired first at police officers based on what they saw in front of their homes on Windsor Drive.

"I seen Sammy run through ... actually he opened the gate and ran over to the backyard of mine, and I seen the two officers chasing after him," Donna Sandoval,Duran's aunt recalled.

"The driver jumped out right behind him and, Boom, and then the next thing you know, he's like, 'I'm shot; I'm shot,' so we feel that his officer shot him. The driver's side officer shot his own partner," Alex Felix,Duran's cousin added.

Police acknowledged additional reports of possible friendly fire that day, but insisted thatso far, all evidence suggests the suspect fired at officers and fired first.

Relatives were not convinced.

"The officer went down, yes he did, but we don't believe that Sam shot that officer," Sanchez said.

As the investigation continues, family members are hoping for the best.

"She wants to tell him to put his best foot forward. Act good in there, so things can come out the way they should. That's what she's trying to say. She wants him to behave himself," a relative said, translating for Duran's mother.

Police again reiterated on Sunday that the evidence so far refutes those friendly fire claims, but they also stressed it was an ongoing investigation.