SACRAMENTO- It's hard to believe that Black Friday will soon be upon us once again. But you may not have to wait until late November to score a great deal on something that you really want.

For example, October is the month you see camping gear at end-of-season clearance sales. According to 'Yahoo Shopping', REI currently discounts mild weather items like open-air coverings, pop-up chairs, and mesh tents.

School supplies are heading for the bargain bins this month. Yes, school has already started, but you can use a lot of those same supplies for your home or office.

It's a good time to purchase music. Many artists are dropping new albums in October. Lately a lot of bands release several free tracks or even stream the whole album for free before the actual album comes out.

If you're planning a trip to New York, October is a slow month for Broadway. You may even score a buy one get one free deal. It's a slow month for vacations too, so you'll get fewer crowds with still decent weather along with end of season bargains.

This month also seems to be the time to book a cruise. According to Yahoo shopping, prices have been listed recently as cheap as $300 for a 2-person Caribbean cruise. If you really want to go cheap, you can opt for a 'repositioning cruise'. That's a 1-day trip that the carrier books to get the ship back to its base location. It would be like riding the bus back to the city bus yard. You just have to find a way home.

It's also a good time to buy a car. Dealerships are slashing prices on older models. You could see discounts of 10% to 20% or more on a 2013 model this month.

What's not on the list for October is probably what you really want. And that's electronics, including laptops and HDTVs, appliances, and winter clothing. For that, you will have to wait until November.