WASHINGTON (AP) - Mail is being delivered and Social Security and Medicare benefits continue to flow, but the government shutdown is being felt in many areas.

Four Department of Homeland Security training centers are shuttered, while the FBI estimates about 20 percent of its 34,000 employees are idled and long-term investigations that do not involve an immediate threat have been suspended.

About half of the Defense Department's civilian employees have been furloughed, and National Guard and Reserve training has been cancelled for many units.

National parks and Smithsonian museums are closed, and that's having a ripple effect on those businesses and communities that rely on tourism.

Air traffic controllers and airport security screeners are on the job, but government safety inspections of aircraft have stopped.

New patients are not being accepted into clinical research at the National Institutes of Health and some studies have been delayed.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's monitoring of potential disease outbreaks has been limited, as have Food and Drug Administration's investigations of foodborne outbreaks and routine food safety inspections.

Federal occupational safety and health inspectors also have stopped workplace inspections except in cases of imminent danger.

The Internal Revenue Service has suspended all audits and will not be processing refunds, while call centers are reduced to automated lines.

And borrowers applying for a mortgage can expect delays if their lenders need government confirmation of tax and Social Security data.

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