Washington D.C. - There are so many myths flying around about the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, the White House actually dedicated a section of its website todebunk the ones that many people believe to be the truth.

One of the most common misconceptions has to do withMedicare.

"there were a lot of questions about already receiving Medicare, if they would receive assistance paying those premiums and the simple answer is no they will not." Said Keith Brownrigg, whoassisted with a phone help line in Denver.

Another myth is that people on Medicare will have to buy additional insurance. They don't. Under the law, if you have Medicare you already have insurance.

Another issue has to do with exactly how much businesses will suffer as a result of government healthcare. Many politicians have said,"it's the biggest job killer in the country." The White House tries to debunk that common statement on its website by saying "Health insurance reform lowers costs for American businesses." It goes on to say that businesses could paythree to four percentless than their current premiums.

Speaking of cost, many Americans are worried that being forced to buy insurance will make them go broke.

"we have heard from various insurance carriers on the individual market that rates could go any place from 60 to 120 percent higher than the current market." Said Steven Roper, with Roper Insurance.

According to Covered California, you could qualify for financial help depending on your level of income.

And the government will not be telling you which doctors you need to see. The insurance sold on the exchange come from private companies, and each individual plan has its own network of doctors and hospitals.

The White House also makes clear on its site that healthcare reform will not use your tax dollars to pay for abortions.
There are many other myths listed and debunked there.

The website is

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