SAN FRANCISCO - The Los Angeles Dodgers say the 24-year-old man who was fatally stabbed during a postgame confrontation in San Francisco was the son of one of the team's security guards.

Spokesman Jared Kaufer said Thursday that Jonathan Denver's father worked security at Dodger Stadium.

San Francisco police say Denver was walking with his father, brother and two other people not far from the San Francisco Giants' ballpark Wednesday night when their group exchanged words with some Giants fans who were leaving a nightclub.

The exchange turned physical and Denver, who was wearing Dodgers gear, was stabbed to death.

Denver attended the game with his relatives but left in the eighth inning of what turned out to be a 6-4 Giants victory. His attackers did not attend the game.

UPDATE at 5:28 p.m.:

Police Chief Greg Suhr says two people are in custody. One of them, Michael Montgomery, 21, of Lodi, is facing homicide charges, according to a police spokesperson.

UPDATE at11:45 p.m.:

Michael Montgomery's father, Marty Montgomery toldthe Lodi News-Sentinel on Thursdaynightthat his son was jumped during a fight and he stabbed Denver in self-defense.

The Associated Press reported Montgomery's father said his son told him by phone that during the fight, Denver hit his son over the head with a chair, and in self-defense, his son stabbed Denver.

Montgomery told his father that Denver, who was wearing Dodgers apparel, yelled, "Giants suck," at Montgomery's friend who was wearing a Giants hat when Denver and others hit his son and their friends without warning.

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