ESPN the Magazine unveiled the cover for the 2013 installment of its annual "Franchise Issue" Tuesday and Sacramento Kings fans aren't going to be pleased.

The issue, slated to hit the shelves Friday, ranks all professional sports organizations from the NBA, NHL, NFL and MLB on criteria that has previously included "ownership, stadium experience and fan relations," according to The Commercial Appeal. While the cover doesn't reveal the entire list, it boldly proclaims the Memphis Grizzlies are the best franchise in all of sports, while the Sacramento Kings, coming in 121 spots lower, are the absolute worst.

Website Bleacher Reporttouts the Grizzlies' recent on-court success and low ticket prices in their review of the 2013 rankings. If record is indeed a bigfactor in ESPN's positioning, the Kings dismal winning percentage recentlyis irrefutable support of theirwretchednessin the eyes of the self-proclaimed "sports leader".

However, when considering the fight the organization,fan base and city leadersrecently put up to keep the team in Sacramento, and the fact a new arena appears to bein theworks, one would have assumed ESPN could have found a franchise more deserving of such ill repute.

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