AUBURN, CA - A newborn baby who likely never even saw her mother was buried Wednesday following a brief graveside service.

Maintenance workers at Saugstad Park in Roseville found a box containing the baby girl's body hidden in bushes July 8.Police said the umbilical cord was still attached and the child had been carefully wrapped in a blanket and plastic bag.

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The Placer County coroner arranged the service at New Auburn Cemetery, which was attended by about two dozen people.

Auburn police spokeswoman Dee Dee Gunther said the cause of death was undetermined, but it was likely the baby was stillborn.

"My thoughts are really with the mom, wondering why she felt like she had to go through something so traumatic all by herself," Gunther said. "We'rehoping that perhaps because of this todayshe might come forward and talk to us so that we can get some of those answers."

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Someone at the servicenamed the baby Rosie, saying it seemed more personal than JaneDoe.

By George Warren,

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