ANAHEIM, Calif. -A record number ofteens turned out in Anaheim over the weekend to spread the message and support safe driving.

The "Keep Calm and Drive On" motivational event isdesigned to give teens skills they need to network and reach other classmates with the safe driving message.

The group jumped to their feet for a dance called the "seatbelt" to kick things off.

It was a privilege to be be part of of the event. There were multiple workshops and guestspeakersoffering motivational hands on training for peers to help classmates make better choices behind the wheel.Speakers encouraged teens that every voice can make a difference.

Workshops (of which we were proud to be a part)included getting your message to the media. Teens said social media is a great tool to swap ideas from fundraisingand grants available to programs like Athletes Committed and Teens in the Driver Seatand how to start at themtheir school.

Northern California was well represented with students from theCalifornia Friday Night Live chapters including Hughson, Tuolumne, Amador, San Joaquin, Yoloand Contra Costa Counties.

It's the peer to peer message they say works more than a grown up lecture.

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