FOLSOM, Calif. - One look at Debbie Bedford's neck and you would never guess she was injured by riding a bike.

Bedford says she was hurt while riding her bike along the the Folsom Lake Bike Trail Sunday evening.

"It was crazy. It was as if life stopped for a minute. It was just piercing," said Bedford.

Bedford said she was entangled by a fishing line while riding nearly 20 mph.

"If I was looking down or sitting up more. Who knows, it could have got my eyes. It could have done quite a lot of damage," said Bedford.

Park rangers said in the last two weeks they received another report of someone being caught in a fishing line on the bike trail near Hazel Bridge. That report is currently under investigation.

Investigators said they are working to see if this was just an accidental cast from a fisherman's line or a nasty prank.

"If you are caught setting up a trap like that, you could be severely punished,"said parks ranger John Stevens.

Bedford says her injuries were minor andthe recent incident wont stop her from riding along the trails.

"We love these trails," said Bedford.

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