STOCKTON, CA - The man accused of killing Dalene Carlson in the summer of 2011 is finally on trial for her murder in Stockton.

Jason Gilley was arrested and then released for lack of evidence, and then arrested again after Carlson's remains were located in a cornfield southeast of Stockton.

Carlson was last seen with Gilley buying alcohol on video from a grocery store camera. Earlier that night, they'd socialized at a Stockton bar.

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San Joaquin County Prosecutor Robert Himelblau said the case against Gilley is circumstantial, which is not a problem despite what TV crime shows portray.

"TV shows that have a case on a fictional show complain it's circumstantial, (but) DNA evidence, ballistics evidence and fingerprint evidence are all circumstantial. It's pretty powerful stuff," said Himelblau.

The prosecutor said Gilley's many conflicting statements made to police will be part of the case against him. Himelblau also will rely on evidence that bullet casings from Gilley's gun were found near Carlson's body.

Gilley's public defender said to the juryon Monday the lies Gilley told don't mean he was hiding a crime, but hiding a relationship that others wouldn't approve of.

He repeated what Gilley eventually told police two years ago: the last time Gilley saw Carlson was when he drove her to Modesto the day after they were photographed at that store. Gilley claimed she got out of the car there during an argument and he drove off.

Gilley is also facing special circumstance allegations ofkidnapping and rape. Himelblau hopes a conviction earns Gilley life in prison without the possibility of parole.

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