FOREST HILL, CA- The American Fire, fed by steady wind, blew across sections of Foresthill Road as it expandedto 12,115 acres on Saturday.

Cal Fire crewsset backfires along Foresthill Road about 10 miles east of Foresthill on Friday to try to keep the head of the fire from burning down into the canyon that holds the North Fork of the American River.

"We have favorable weather conditions, so the wind is actually pushing the fire back into the main fire so we're actually trying to get rid of all the unburned fuel near the edge of the main fire so that when it hits it there's nothing left to burn," Cal Fire firefighter Mike Waters said.

The American Fire began on Saturday,Aug. 10 at the bottom of the middle fork of the American River and has resisted efforts at containment. It has been burning in timber and rugged areas of forest.

"It's extremely steep and hard for us to work in. Very dangerous," Waters said.

As more equipment arrived late Friday, crews hope to increase containment over the weekend.

The fire was roughly 40 percent contained Saturday night.

No structures have been lost and the Last Chance ghost town was saved by firefighters.

No firefighters have been seriously hurt.

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