CITRUS HEIGHTS, CA - Life for 5-year-old Alexa Barry hasn't been easy. Three days before Christmas last year she was diagnosed with leukemia.

"I couldn't walk," Alexa said.

Since then, her dad Jason Barry said she has been undergoing intensive chemotherapy treatment.

"I would give her a shower and all of it would come out in clumps. Then she said she wanted hair," Jason Barry explained.

Barry said he picked up the phone and started calling, searching for ways for Alexa to get hair before her first day of kindergarten next week. One of the places he called was Natural Look Transitions, a salon that customizes in natural hair pieces for clients including cancer patient and burn victims.

"Our goal is to make [cancer patients] feel better about themselves," employee Kimberly Apker said.

When employees told Barry it cost more than more $1,000 he almost gave up.

"He was like, 'I can't do it,' then he hung up the phone," Apker said. "My niece called him back and said we will help you raise the money."

Employees at the salonwere all touched by the story. Apker lost both of her parents to cancer. Her father died almost a year to the day.

"For me, it's just to give back to another family. I know their pain and I know their suffering," Apker said.


On reading about Alexa's wish for hair,News10 Facebookfans starting offering to help.

10:p.m.: Jami Lynn Asay-Khan - I've got Thyroid Cancer myself and my hair is to my waist. I'd live to donate it before I lose it. Starting radiation soon.

8 p.m.: Michele Anderson - Didn't see the part about monetary donations. Maybe my old lady hair can help after all!

8 p.m.: Shari Higginbotham -What if somebody donated hair? I have 16" I can cut for her. I wanted to keep it her my 10 yr wedding anniversary but would gladly donate it to her. And I have over 2 feet of hair in a pony tail that i was going to donate to locks of love but never did.

So far, the salon has raised several hundred dollars and have given Alexa a temporary wig. The salon is working to raise money to create two permanent hair pieces that are designed for her head. The salon said they're hoping to raise $2,000.

FACEBOOK: Natural Look Transitions page

"It's awesome what they are doing. I would have never expected this," Jason Barry said. "It's amazing how many people come through for you especially with children with cancer."

If you would like to help Alexa, you can contact Natural Look Transitions at (916) 483-7590 or email freedomedge@comcast.net

Salon organizers said because of Alexa's story, they are now working to establish a nonprofit to help other people like her.

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