SACRAMENTO - The Sacramento County Sheriff's Department has identified a person of interest in a fire that killed two people Monday morning in south Sacramento.

Abraham Felmley, 32, is 6 feet tall and weighs about 140 pounds, the sheriff's department said. He has multiple tattoos and he may be driving a 1992 green Toyota Camry with paper license plates. Investigators said Felmley is related to the victims in the fire, but wouldn't go into further detail.

UPDATE: Person of interest wanted in south Sacramento fatal fire found dead

Sacramento Metropolitan firefighters were dispatched to a home on French and Florin roads around 11:05 a.m. Monday and found the structure fully involved, according to firefighters.

Firefighters went in to battle the blaze, but were given orders to evacuate around 11:22 a.m. due to the severity of the inferno, firefighters said.

A Metro Fire spokesperson said two men were found dead in the home, but firefighters were able to rescue a dog from the fire.

"We believe it is entirely possible that they may have died from injuries before the fire was set or at least suffered injuries that incapacitated them in some respect," Sgt. Jason Ramos said.

When deputies searched the victims' home, they found close to a dozen firearms, but there was at least one missing. Ramos said it is unclear if the two victims were shot before the fire.

Neighbors said one of the men who lived there was Dennis Felmley.

"They are good people, especially the son," neighbor Tim Kievtos said. "We knew him for a long time."

News10 has confirmed person of interest Abraham Felmley has a criminal history spanning several years. According to 2007 court records in Orange County, he pled guilty to theft. In April of 2009 in Sacramento County, Felmley was arrested for a parole violation and possession of explosives.

Felmley is considered a suspect in a Monday afternoonarmed carjacking in Merced County and a wanted parolee-at-large.

Felmley was spotted in a pickup truck Monday afternoon that was missing from the scene of the Florin-area fire. Felmley allegedly pulled up in the truck and carjacked someone at gunpoint in Merced. Ramos said it's likely that the firearm used in the carjacking is the one taken from the victims' home in south Sacramento.

"[Felmley] was positively identified by the victim of the carjacking in Merced," Ramos said. "We're obviously concerned for the welfare of those family members."

Deputies said it is possible Felmley may be headed to southern California.

"We have reason to believe that there may be others who are in danger, so we've made appropriate notifications to law enforcement personnel and agencies throughout the greater Los Angeles area, as well as the Central Valley," Ramos said.

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