SACRAMENTO- Most arefamiliar with the term 'love thy neighbor', but that can beeasiersaid than done when you are living next to one who is a nightmare.

It could be anything from annoying pets to unkempt yards to foul odors and dangerous trees. There are many things a neighbor can do that can ultimately decrease the value of your own home.

A recent survey by Harris Interactive and State Farm Insurance found that 60 percent of Americans have a pet peeve with someone who lives nearby.

There is even a website,, who's message boards contain more than 42,700 posts about people's personal neighbor nightmares.

So what do you do to deal with your neighbor problem? Well you can either move out into the woods and start looking at log cabins or invest in some farmland, or you can take the advice of author Mary Greenwood who wrote a book on how to negotiate like a pro.

She says totemper your temper. The last thing you want to do is march over and demand action, according to Greenwood.

Schedule a chat, maybe even invite the offender over to your home so he or she can see what problem you are facing. And keep a log, or a record of your disputes in case you have to go to take your neighbor to court, suggests Greenwood.

If all else fails, Greenwood recommendstrying mediation, where you and your neighbor can sit down with a third party to find a solution.

According to the National Association for Community Mediation, 75 percent of those who use mediation walk away with an agreement.

Prices range from$0-$200 per person. Taking your neighbor to court can cost much more .