Great Hang Up: There is no California law requiring pets to be restrained in California inside the car but the CHP, AAA and some pet advocates say it's much safer for drivers and the animals to be in a pet restraint.

CHP says 1,801 accidents involved pet distraction in 2001. The AAA study found 31percent of driversadmit tobeing distracted by a pet while driving, and more than 20 percent admit to having driven witha pet on their lap.

Safety issues include taking a hand off the wheel to pet or keep a pet in the backseat.

CHP says backseat is the safest location for a petas is a restraint. An ABC study also fond animals that are not restrained can be injured in a crash. A 50-pound animal unrestrained in a 35-mile-pe- hour accident can absorb 500 pounds of force to its body.

Viewers on the News10 facebook page had strong reactions on the issue of restraining pets in vehicles.

Teri says "Yes if humans have to be, so should the furry kids."

Sheila says "Next thing you now, we'll need a baby seat for the dog."

Angelina says " Pretty soon people will only be allowed to drive in their cars alone."

On riding with dogs on your lap, Terrie C says"...Do they know if the airbag opens the dog is a goner..."

Again there is no law requiring restraints, but with summer travel as a reminder CHP says it's the safest bet.

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