STOCKTON, CA - They're not being paid for their police work, but reserve officers Jeff Whitlock and Ron Savelli have come face to face with life and death situations.

"I can (still) hear the bullets whizzing by my head -- a frightening experience," said Whitlock about his near-death experience as a reserve.

"I've taken every call possible. Been shot at, shot at somebody," said Savelli.

They are two of the 14 reserves used by Stockton Police Department. As reserves, they have all the training needed to do full police work, but they're not paid. They're volunteers.

"I love the job and love the excitement," said Savelli who has 29 years experience as a reserve. "It keeps you busy, and it keeps you young."

"I have a tremendous amount of pride for the city. I was born and raised here. To be able to give back to the community in this small fashion is priceless," said Whitlock with 19 years as a reserve.

Whitlock is a Stockton firefighter. Savelli is a car salesman at Chase Chevrolet in Stockton.

The reserves put in a minimum of 16 hours per month.


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