ROCKLIN, Calif. - It seems nowadays if you threw a dart at a map of the Sacramento area, you'd be hard pressed to hit an area that doesn't house a craft brewery -- and for those who love beer, that's a great thing!

Lincoln currently hosts Knee Deep Brewing, downtown Sacramentois home to Track 7 and New Helvetia, West Sacramento landed Rubicon's new facility, American River Brewing and Lockdown both craft their wares in Rancho Cordova, andLoomis BasinBrewing is rooted in -- you guessed it, Loomis.Now Rocklin has an entrant in the vigorously fermenting Sacramento craft brewing scene.

On Wednesday, CEO Eric Johnson announced the opening of the Out of Bounds Brewing Company in Rocklin.

Headed by Brewmaster Bruce MacPhee, the 6700 square-foot, solar-powered brewery will begin production in June and expects to tap the kegs in the tasting room by mid-July.

MacPhee, who worked for Deschuttes Brewing in Oregon, brings 16-plus years of brewing experience to the new Rocklin brewhouse.

"He is a well-celebrated brewer and is known for his love of traditional English and American-style ales and the classics," said Johnson. "He will be debuting his latest and greatest recipes with 10 unique beer types and 2 seasonal beer types."

According to the Out of Bounds website, those 10 offerings include a mild cream ale, red ale, bitter ale, pale ale, india pale ale (IPA), double IPA, stout, oak aged stout, chocolate maple porter and California dark ale/black IPA. The two seasonal selections are comprised of agolden ale and a wheat ale.

Twelve beers is an aggressive launch for a fledgling brewery, but local beer lovers surely won't mind having so many new options to sample.

Visit the Out of Bounds Brewing website or Facebook pagefor opening dates and more information.

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