NORTH HIGHLANDS, CA - Sheriff's detectives released new details about a gang-related shooting that killed a 10-year-old girl.

Elvira Campos died Saturday when two gunmen came to her North Highlands home.

Family members showed up early Monday morning to clean the blood off the walkway in front of the Campos home and to cover the front window full of bullet holes.

The girldiedwhen detectives say two gunmen stood on her front lawn and fired multiple shots into the home. Since then, detectives have been looking for possible connections to other gang-related shootings, like one in April about a mile away that seriously wounded 10-year-old Eric Raya.

Asked if investigators where looking into whether the girl was targeted inresponse to another child being hit, Sacramento County sheriff's detective Jeff Wallace replied, "It is sad to say, but yes, that is a theory."

It's also a strong possibilitythe original target was the girl's 20-year old brother, who detectives say has been known to associate with validated gang members.

"Obviously based on his associates, the people he hangs out with, and the lifestyle that that brings with it, obviously that's something that's going to draw our attention a little bit more," Wallace said.

Investigators will continue to examine possible motives, but they say regardless of why the shooters initially came to the house, once they got there, they made a conscious choice with respect to the victim.

"The television was on, so she was back-lit with ambient light. She was sitting in a particular way. She was viewable through the window, and based on the proximity of the shooter, no doubt. They knew they were shooting a child," Wallace said.

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