STOCKTON, CA - Employees at the ABC Food Mart on El Dorado Street said they're not used to problems with customers, but they said when a man got out of control Friday night, the convenience store turned into chaos.

Store employees describe 34-year-old Kevin Reaties as a regular customer who never caused problems over the last year they've seen him come in, sometimes as often as every other day.

Surveillance video shows him even smiling at the clerk behind the counter, but store owner Vic Judge said moments later Reaties changed.

"He suddenly started yelling loudly, 'stay out of my life, stay out of my life, and give my life back,'" Judge said.

Because of where the cameras are placed, it's difficult to see what happened next, but Judge said Reaties attacked one customer who quickly ran from the store, then a second customer, same thing.

"I asked him nicely, 'hey, why don't you leave from the store? Why you making so much noise, why you fighting with the customers?'" Judge said. "So he totally flipped the finger to me and told me to, stay out of his life, and kept saying that," Judge said.

Judge called the police, but before they could get there, three more customers entered the store.

"He starts fighting with one of them, so all three get into the fight with that guy, and basically they roll over all those tables and everything," Judge said.

Judge said when police arrived, Reaties even attacked one of them.

"Another officer standing right in front of him, so he pepper spray on his face and eyes, so he was still denying to lay on the ground," Judge said.

By chance while News10 was at the store, Reaties dropped by, apparently, to retrieve his lost hat. He didn't stick around long; when News10 caught up to him, Reaties just smiled and wasn't interested in talking.

Reaties was arrested for vandalism, battery on an officer and resisting arrest.

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