SACRAMENTO, CA - A man was arrested after trying to grab back money from a store clerk and vandalizing a motorcycle Friday evening.

Joseph Meier, 25, bought a beverage at a store on the 5900 block of S. Land Park Drive around 7:03 p.m., but when his the bottle fell out of the bag and broke, he demanded his money back, Sacramento Police Officer Doug Morse said.

Witnesses said Meier tried to grab the money back from the clerk, which lead to a fight between Meier, the clerk and a witness trying to restrain Meier. Morse said Meier eventually left the store, but on his way out he pushed over a motorcycle that was not involved in the incident.

Meier was arrested by responding officers down the street from the store, Morse said. He was booked into Sacramento County Jail for vandalism and attempted robbery.

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