SACRAMENTO - A local child prodigy at American River College (ARC)is the youngest student to be inducted into Phi Theta Kappa, an international honor society for community college students.

It's no surprise considering Tanishq Abraham, 9, is already the youngest student attending ARC.

He's taking biology and physics, andhas held a 4.0grade point average (GPA)taking two courses a semester at ARC.

"Taking colleges classes is kind of easy for me," Abraham said.

Abraham was also featured in a YouTube series called "Prodigies" last year.

His parents tested his IQ when Abraham was four. He scored in the 99.9 percentile.

However, justbecause Abraham's a child prodigy, doesn't mean he doesn't like to have fun. He loves video games like Mario Kart and likes to play with his 7-year-old sister, who is also a genius.

"People always think I'm not enjoying my childhood and that I should stop college classes and enjoy childhood," Abraham said. "But I am actually enjoying childhood."

Abraham eventually wants to attend UC Davis, earn an MD and a Ph.D and eventually go on to do some type of medical research.

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