DIXON, CA - A man sacrificed his life helping a woman escape a rollover accidenton Interstate 80 near Dixon Thursday.

According to California Highway Patrol Sgt. Phillip Grant,Maria Lopez, 44, of Fairfield was traveling at about 70 to 75 mph. in her 2004 Toyota Camry when she lost control and flipped her car.

Another driver, 36-year-old Spencer Myers from Vacaville, witnessed the accident and pulled into the center divider before exiting andattempting to help.As he was trying to pullLopez from the vehicle, a Dodge Stratus traveling at approximately 70 to 75 mph hit the overturned Camry, said Grant.

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Myers was struck by one ofthe vehicles at some point in the collision, sending him into the center divider.

Lopez was ejected from the Camry and also came to rest in the center divider.

Emergency personnel arriving at the scene requested a medical helicopter, which transported Myers to UC Davis Medical Center,where he later succumbed to his injuries, Grant said.

"I was so proud of him," mother Suzanne Myers said. "Everybody loved him. And I'm just so devastated he would die this way."

His family is devastated, but not surprised.

"People have to know there are good people in this world that do beautiful things," father Mitch Myers said. "And that's what Spencer did all of his life. He helped people."

Spencer Myers grew up in Rocklin. He was a doting husband, father and son. He made custom furniture, like the cabinets in his parents' Rocklin home.

Lopez was transported from the scene via ambulance in serious condition. She was expected to survive, according to Grant.

Through the pain, there is some solace for Myers' parents, knowing that Spencer died a hero.

"I want it to be known that he helped save somebody's life," Mitch Myers said. "It wasn't for nothing."

The driver of the vehiclewho hit the pedestrians, later identified as Golden Pryor, 32, of Fairfield,sustained minor injuries and sought his own medical aid, said Grant.

The entire interstate was initially closed between Midway and Dixon Avenue, but one lane was reopened just before 5:30 a.m., per the CHP. The other two lanes were reopened several hours later.