STOCKTON, Calif. - A woman was killed in an apparent dog attack inan east Stockton neighborhood Thursday night, according to the San Joaquin County Sheriff's Department.

Deputies responded to the 400 block of North Lillian Avenue around 8:19 p.m. after a neighbor reported the attack.

According to the neighbor, whochose to remain anonymous, 38-year-old Claudia Gallardo jumped over thefront chain link fence of the property and was attacked by the dog near the rear of the residence.

Deputies arrived and declared Gallardo deceased at the scene.

The dog,a female pit bull/mastiff mix named Russia, was found in the rear yard of the residence where she was collected by animal control services and impounded at the San Joaquin County Animal Shelter, saiddeputies.

Gallardo's brother who arrived at the scene of the attack later, said the dog's owner who rents the property, told him he knew Gallardo and the dog had always been nice to her.

The owner of the dog said he was not home at the time of the incident and was not expecting Gallardo.

Neighbors told the Stockton Record they were "saddened and angry, but not surprised" by the attack, having witnessed the dog jump fences to attack other animals and peoplein the area.

One neighbor said the same dog had attacked her husband previously. She said she informed the sheriff's departmentbut was told there was little authorities could do at the time, according to the Record.

Russiais scheduled to remain at the shelter through the duration of the ongoing investigation.

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