In this special web exclusive Game Guys video, Game Guy Barry White shows you the smallest home video game console yet (due out this Summer), a Capcom re-imagning of a classic NES game from 1989, and chats with 'Police Academy' actor Michael Winslow as he checks out the 2013 Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco. The shift towards mobile and tablet-based gaming is also looked at in a special conversation with DC Universe Onlinecreative director Jens Anderson.

A professionals-only event in its 27th year, GCD is a forum for learning, inspiration, and networking those who create game software for computer, console, handheld, smartphone, tablet, mobile, and online games.

According to UBM Tech Game Network, the company that puts on the conference, more than 23,000 video game industry professionals, analysts, academics, and members of the media attended GDC'13.

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