STOCKTON, CA - It was a much different Stockton City Council that tried to tackle two major anti-crime programs Tuesday night. Different in the sense council members and the mayor seemed willing to treat each other in far more civil tones.

The council listened to details of the Marshall Plan, a program that hopes to determine the roots of Stockton's crime problem and offer long-term solutions.

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Later in the evening, the council was to hear an analysis of Mayor Anthony Silva's plan to raise sales tax to pay for 100 more police officers.

Because the two programs could conflict with each other, it wouldn't have been surprising to see council members continue the sniping that's tarnished previous meetings.

Instead,perhaps because a local ministertold the mayor and city manager they should "hug each other", council members and the mayor seemed to recognize the need to worktogether.

The bigwork remainshowever.

There is no source of funding identified for the 120 officers the Marshall Plan suggests for Stockton.As for the mayor's plan to hire 100 officers through a tax increase,City Manager Bob Deis has made it very clear he feels it's a bad idea to raise taxes while the city is in bankruptcy.

The meeting was becoming so lengthy, Silva asked fellow council members if they wanted to continue Tuesday night or continue Wednesday morning.

Council member Paul Canepa said there was still so much to talk about, it would be Wednesday morning before they were finished.

By Tim Daly,