SACRAMENTO, CA - California Senate PresidentDarrell Steinberg said he will be delivering a presentation to the NBAon California's commitment to building a new arena.

He saidthe state has already help pave the road for the city to build a downtown sports arena.

"We have passed a number of bills that provide deal with streamlining issues," said Steinberg.

However,there is some opposition to the Sacramentoarena plan.

Agroup called the Coalition For Responsible Arena Development fileda notice of intent to sue the city in Superior CourtTuesday. The organizationstates if the city continues to attempt to use public dollars to help fund the arena,they will sue on the grounds of the financing terms of the term sheet that "constitute an unlawful gift of public funds to private parties."

Jim Cathcart with Sacramento Taxpayers Opposed to Pork said he doesn't want to see a large amount of public dollars spent on the arena.

"We know that economic development of arenas do not follow they say it does, but that is all hype," Cathcart said.

Steinberg said his presentation will begin around noon EDT.

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